3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds

Utilizing 3-dimensional Trimble & Leica laser scanners, CNA is able to create highly precise point clouds. Capturing millions of measurable points in a 3D format, we are able to visualize large areas quickly and record details that are otherwise difficult to convey. This data can then be used in a multitude of ways, such as 3D surface modeling, architectural visualization, as-built recording, building information modeling (BIM), CAD map drafting, construction progress tracking, monitoring fixed features, building quality inspection, and recording accurate measurements.

Point clouds are created by ground-based field measurements using highly accurate 3D scanners and unmanned aerial system (UAS) drones. The drones can also produce point clouds from aerial photography. The aerial photos are compiled into a point cloud by software which triangulates common points in the photo set. This method of point cloud creation is referred to as photogrammetry.

Trimble X7 Scanner near staircase.
Point cloud of building and patio dining space.
Point cloud of house backyard.
Surveyor using Trimble SX-10 Scanner at a construction site.
Trimble SX-10 scanning a construction site.