Construction Staking Surveys

A key service provided by CNAs various forms of construction surveying. Construction surveying is the service of providing survey control to enable the contractor to construct the project in conformance with the provided plans. We employ the use of robotic surveying instruments and Global Positioning Systems to ensure that we stay efficient and accurate in our layout process. Construction Surveying is the translation of construction plans into physical points on the ground that can be used as a basis for the actual construction. The results of construction surveying are seen in almost any urban, suburban, and even rural setting. Almost any graded area, roadway, building, or other man-made improvement probably had some amount of construction surveying involved. Construction surveying provides not only the horizontal location of new improvements, but also the vertical information required to ensure that surfaces drain or pipes flow as required.

A successful construction project requires a dependable timeline. CNA prides itself on prompt service and will be onsite in 48 hours or less from authorization to proceed and receipt of the necessary plans.