ALTA / NSPS / Land Title Surveys

A key service offered by CNA is the preparation of ALTA/NSPS surveys. These acronyms represent American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors. These two agencies have jointly prepared and adopted a set of minimum standards regarding the preparation of land title surveys.

An ALTA/NSPS survey delineates the existing improvements on the property in relationship to the exterior boundary or ownership lines, easements, rights-of-way, and any other elements impacting the ownership of land. The purpose is to provide the title company with the information required to insure the title to the land and improvements to the high degree that a commercial development may require. In addition to the minimum standards set forth, a table of optional elements is included in the ALTA/NSPS standards. A careful review of the elements from the optional “Table A” is helpful in delineating a clear scope of the land surveyor’s services.

The certification language of the ALTA/NSPS survey should include the names of the affected parties, including as appropriate the buyer, seller, title company, and lender. CNA will work in close association with the title insurance company, as the surveyor and the title company are relying on each other’s work to show the matters affecting the ownership of the land and improvements in a comprehensive manner.

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