Bathymetric Surveys

Chris Nelson & Associates, Inc. provides bathymetric and hydrographic surveys to determine the depth of water from the surface and to map the topographic features of the seafloor, lake floor, river bottom and quarries. The mapping is performed by manned and unmanned vessels to measure water surfaces and subsurface land formations using dual frequency and multibeam echo sounders, which are connected with GPS. In turn, this data can be integrated into shoreline mapping, water surface and depth limits, as well as geodetic locations of subsurface land formations. Bathymetric maps are very similar to topographic maps, where the surface contours are displayed showing the elevations of different features.

Bathymetric surveys are used to map underwater features and topography typical not visible, which provides crucial information to help manage bodies of water, monitor ever changing surfaces for studies and engineering design purposes, understand valuable resources for environmental concerns, and to provide municipalities, agencies and private sector operations with the maps needed to understand what exists below water surfaces.

Unmanned echo sounder and a row of seagulls.
Surveyors on a small survey boat near edge of a lake dam.