Expert Witness

When construction activities cause damages, it is often difficult to understand the technical reasons behind the unforeseen events that led to the damage. Our Expert Witnesses are licensed Professional Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors in the State of California who have extensive experience operating in various facets of Land Development.

Our Civil Engineering experts specialize in site grading and drainage, hydrology, water, sewer and storm drain design, as well as ADA design. With the help of our seasoned professionals, a highly technical matter which may have caused a construction defect can be explained in simple terms.

CNA has substantial experience in assisting both private and governmental entities in preparing surveys for legal matters, as well as providing experienced expert witness services including deposition and trial testimony, accident mapping, forensic surveying, consultation and alternative dispute resolution, settlement conferences, arbitration and mediation.

Cases involving issues related to boundary determinations, encroachments, property identification for location of incidents, property measurements, landslide/mudslide/flood/fire location mapping, construction defect cases, view obstruction or protection, as well as other surveying and mapping issues may require expert witness services and exhibit preparation.