Stormwater Quality Management

Stormwater Management is a critical area of engineering that must be designed for various phases of construction. It is of the utmost importance that stormwater is managed properly and carefully because it is illegal to discharge anything other than rainwater into a stormwater system. During construction, we often look at stormwater management as it relates to erosion and sediment. This is addressed by Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) which are large documents that explain how stormwater will be handled during construction to protect downstream receiving waters. Also, once construction is complete, it is equally critical that sites are designed to satisfy post-development water quality device requirements. When designing post-construction devices, we first consider soil constraints relating to percolation rates, liquefaction, and groundwater pollution. With this information, we can propose best management practices (BMPs) such as infiltration systems, capture/reuse devices, or biofiltration devices.

Storm drain inlet at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital.
Bioswale running along street median.
Permeable pavers.