Street Improvement Plans

Project access is often a major issue that every site development must address. When a project has been approved for land use and impacts the public right of way, street improvement plans may be required. Subdivisions and single-lot developments could also be subjected to conditions of approval requiring a street improvement plan. Multiple factors must be reviewed when developing an approvable street improvement plan. The first area we look at is the feasibility of the proposed road design from a grading perspective. First, a conceptual street alignment and profile is prepared and evaluated to comply with the local fire department’s prerequisites. Generally, their requirements will dictate the width of the road, turning radius, stopping sight distance, and slope of the street. The final street plans show the horizontal and vertical alignment of the proposed street, pavement section, cross gutters, alley, driveways, parkway sections, traffic control, storm drain, water, sewer, signing/striping, and any other related improvements in the public right of way.