As-Built & Design Surveys

CNA has extensive experience with performing as-built mapping and design surveys for a variety of projects and have extensive experience with the requirements for design surveys as we have performed thousands of surveys for design professionals within both the public and private sector. We deploy the proper equipment to perform accurate mapping to a project’s specifications. An as-built survey shows the actual horizontal and vertical locations of features in a completed structure or project. As-built surveys can be performed for a variety of projects including interim design and shop drawings for governmental submittals. The land surveyors at CNA can perform an as-built survey for you and create a map or drawing to show the position and elevations of the permanent features on the ground including buildings, walls, structures, utilities, light poles, manholes, fences, grading and more. Based upon a project’s specifications, these maps are used as the basemap for engineering design projects and formal plan submittal purposes.