Coastal / Shoreline Mapping

CNA deploys several techniques for mapping shoreline conditions, erosion, barrier island migration and dune erosion. These maps are vital in the study and engineering of coastal environments, managing coastal resources, marine and geo sciences, as well as historical record. Utilizing our unmanned aerial system (UAS) drones in combination with 3D laser scanning, GPS, photogrammetric and conventional surveying methods, CNA is able to accurately map conditions along the coast to determine mean-high tide line, coastal flood hazard zones, and the limits for waterfront property development.

CNA is familiar with California State Lands Commission (CLSC) civil and governmental codes, laws and regulations and can assist land owners along coastal areas with accurate mapping and monitoring valuable lands.

UX-11 drone surveying the coast.
Beachside home under construction.
DJI Inspire2 drone flying over the beach.