Grading & Drainage Plans

Grading and drainage plans are typically required for most construction projects when the elevation of the earth is changing by a few feet, or when earthwork causes the movement of 50 cubic yards. These types of plans are often used to support the construction of single-family homes, commercial sites, industrial parks and other development related projects. Our civil engineers mold the earth to accommodate proposed plans relating to a project. To us, grading is not simply a mathematical operation but is rather an artform that is held to a high level of precision, economical sensitivity, and caters to the existing natural or urban conditions it must join. When grading and drainage plans are designed with a conscientious mind, they make the construction process easy and the post-construction conditions floodproof, as the earth is shaped in a manner that protects structures and survives from the damages that can be caused from flooding. The following are grading and drainage plans that are often required for a project:

  • Conceptual Grading Plans
  • Mass / Bulk Grading Plans
  • Rough Grading Plans
  • Precise Grading Plans
Large site grading in progress.
Excavator moving dirt on hillside.