Planning Services

Seeing the big picture for your project or property can be very difficult – our diverse background enables us to assist you in a wide variety of planning services including:

We aid clients in evaluating land to help them make an informed decision on their potential land uses based upon the characteristics of the land and how its intended uses fit into a community’s general land use plan.

Obtaining project approvals and permits can be lengthy, expensive, and often times difficult to navigate. Our experience and network enable us to acquire the approvals necessary to move forward with project development.

At CNA, we know that creating a proper framework for your project is essential to mitigating risks, maximizing potential, anticipating conflicts, and managing site resources.

We work to ensure proper project approvals are met, from site plan approvals to zoning, conditional use and utility permits.

Master plan developments are colossal undertakings that require the coordination of several disciplines. CNA is able to support the process from both an engineering perspective, as well as through project coordination and planning.

Applying for and obtaining permits can be a challenging process. Our experience enables us to navigate this process and aid in the acquisition of various land use permits.

Redevelopment is a powerful tool and when used correctly can revitalize a neighborhood and even a city. With a wholistic redevelopment approach, economic, social, & environmental issues facing a community can be improved.

CNA is well versed in the Subdivision Map Act and is able to guide subdivision projects to a successful completion.

Developing land is costly and often very time consuming. CNA draws from all our expertise to produce quality, well designed tentative maps, giving our clients confidence to move forward with development.

CNA works to ensure projects are built to integrate into their environments, visually blend into the neighborhood aesthetic, and be sustainable for future users.

When there’s a use change of a commercial property, zoning permits must be obtained. CNA can assist with research, understanding the requirements, and finding a solution for your property’s use conditions.

We work with cities, developers and individuals on zoning permits, applications, environmental assessments and project compliance associated with general plans.

Entitlement Services

Obtaining governmental approvals for development projects can be a long and arduous task. CNA works to ensure the proper approvals are granted, moving your project forward. We offer a range of entitlement services to guide your project including:

CNA provides an initial look into project compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and gives recommendations for keeping within the CEQA guidelines.

There are many types of easements and we work with property owners to correctly identify, map and document various property easements.

Successful projects follow a proven process. We bring our knowledge of that process, providing you with realistic expectations and the resources to succeed. We can help balance your needs with project constraints, considering the factors that impact a project’s outcome including budget and cost effectiveness, timing and scheduling, zoning and political issues, by utilizing effective engineering and quality design principles.

Our staff is able to assist in preparation of crucial preliminary project studies such as EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Reports. We strive to give our clients the tools and information they need to make informed decisions early on in their project’s life cycle.

We are available to discuss your project needs in-depth and provide general consultations, giving guidance and recommendations regarding any issue.

When access to a site is expensive, not required, or could negatively impact the local environment, CNA develops alternative access route designs for the importing & exporting of construction materials.

By understanding our client’s needs and project constraints, we are able to plan layouts for industrial & commercial projects that aid in acquiring permits and enable positive work flow of a particular business.

Moving a project from tentative to final map requires many clearances before final approval. At CNA we are able to navigate this process, delivering solutions and paving the way for a smooth submittal.

We provide consultation services for projects seeking a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building ranking.

Legal descriptions describe a particular property’s rights of use, dimensions, as well as location and ownership. CNA regularly prepares legal descriptions for easement creation and land transfers.

Planning large scale projects can be daunting and there may be tasks in a project lifeline that are overlooked or underestimated. Our experience enables us to properly organize a project, assess constraints, create critical paths and set milestones that lead to success.

CNA works directly with utility companies to secure utility approvals for accessibility of water, sewer, gas and power to a project site.